KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa was started in January 2017 to rehome stray and abandoned cats, rehome cats for owners in difficult circumstances and tame feral kittens.  The SPCA in the Wairarapa closed in 2015 and left a big gap in animal welfare in the area, making us one of the only other rescues in the Wairarapa region.

KCR rehomed 33 cats and kittens in 2017 and 35 in 2018. Now that the SPCA in Masterton is open again and are looking after stray, abandoned and surrendered cats, KCR is concentrating on taming feral kittens and finding homes for them as this is not always able to be covered by the SPCA. As of February 2019, we have already taken over 20 kittens into care.

By taking in feral kittens and desexing the parents, KCR helps control the feral cat population and keep cats away from our wildlife. This decreases the feral cat population in a humane manner and not only improves the welfare of the cats, but of the environment as a whole.

Feral kittens are fostered by a network of foster carers until they can be adopted. Whether a kitten can be tamed is dependent on their age and temperament. The optimum age to tame a feral kitten is 8 weeks and under. Older kittens can be successfully tamed depending on their individual temperament but once they reach 16 weeks of age it becomes very difficult. It can take months of care before a kitten is ready to adopt.

Our adoption fee for kittens is $160. This helps cover the costs of desexing, vaccinating and treating for parasites. We also offer reduced rates to adopters for microchipping. We’re a registered trust (#CC54963) so you can claim that GST back!


KCR does extensive fundraising to cover the shortfall between the adoption fee and the vet treatments including market stalls, bake sales, sausage sizzles and raffles, but we still need your help. Check out our Givealittle to donate—every little bit really does help, and you can help us to make a difference!

Cash donations can be made either to the KittyCat Rehoming Kiwibank: 38-9019-0699166-00 or to our vet, VetCare: 06-0689-0191117-00 Reference Kitty46.



Contact Phone Number: 0204 FELINE (0204 335463)



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KittyCat Rehoming KiwiBank: 38-9019-0699166-00
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Charity #: CC54963